Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Don't count on anyone .

" Sometime , that person we least expected to hurt us , Literally breaks us . "

Mungkin sesetengah orang rasa , Orang yang kita sayang , Orang yang kita puji , Orang yang kita sanggup mati untuk , Orang tu tak akan pernah sekali pun luka kan hati kita ? Umm sebenarnya salah , Orang yang paling rapat dengan kita lah orang yang paling senang untuk calarkan kita , Betul ni . Serious sangat sangat , Korang tak boleh mengharapkan siapa siapa pun , You yourself kena kuat . Jangan percaya sangat dekat Bruno Mars tu , His just sayingggg -,-

If you take it from me , My heart have been broken so many times , Sampai tak mampu nak ingat dah . And the best part is , all of it was done by my bestfriends , family's , Love one . Ye la , tak akan lah some strangers down the street , Datang datang depan muka you and say words that could hurt you . NO KAN ?
Maybe it's just faith , nasib seseorang kita tak akan tau . And i took it as a lesson , So i wont do it to others .

For now , i have no one else i could count on . exactly right now , NO ONE literally NO ONE . Even my sunshine has back down on me . Thanks bie , You talk You do like you dont know who's your girl . I could'nt rest . I couldn't let go . I couldn't breath knowing i've hurt you . Did you feel the same ? na'ah .
I don't know what im doing up at this hour . Bragging shit on this page . Bye

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